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I’m Scout. I’m a ritual practitioner, songwriter, sound-maker, and independent scholar. I’ve been on the wyrd path on and off for about ten years now. Despite routinely trying to resist the terrifying magnetism of magic, I am still here, with sparkles of it dripping from my hands.

About half-way through the pandemic, I heeded the call to write myself out of the instability and uncertainty that plagued my life. What started as public catharsis on Facebook quickly became a platform on which I share the medicine of my heart.

A photo from around 2 years ago, when I first began to share my writing with the world. I was, and still am, looking for a place to call home.

Why “The Oscillator’s Stone?”

You may or may not be familiar with the term “metamodernism.” Though the meaning of the term is disputed, I tend toward the understanding popularised by Timotheus Vermeulen, Robin van den Akker, and Allison Giddens. The contemporary sensibility, according to these three academics, is characteristed by an oscillation between modern and postmodern affects:

Indeed, by oscillating to and fro or back and forth, the metamodern negotiates between the modern and the postmodern. One should be careful not to think of this oscillation as a balance however; rather, it is a pendulum swinging between 2, 3, 5, 10, innumerable poles. Each time the metamodern enthusiasm swings toward fanaticism, gravity pulls it back toward irony; the moment its irony sways toward apathy, gravity pulls it back toward enthusiasm. Both the metamodern epistemology (as if) and its ontology (between) should thus be conceived of as a ‘‘both-neither’’ dynamic. They are each at once modern and postmodern and neither of them.

This “both-neither” dynamic of oscillation feels particularly pertinent to me, as an informal scholar of the Western Alchemical Traditions. The reconciliation of opposites and inhabiting of paradox intrinsic to esoteric practise very much reminded me of the constant pendulum swinging of metamodern oscillation. Though the thread between metamodern oscillation and esoteric oscillation is relatively vague, my initial desire to explore it led me to name this publication The Oscillator’s Stone, as a play on the Philosopher’s Stone—the symbol of perfection and wholeness that comes from enacting the Great Work.

The logo for the publication is the symbol for Mercury, situated in the middle of two oscillating circles that represent the alchemical opposites of fire and water. Mercury is a deity that has been very central to this work.

What to expect

Here you will find personal stories, philosophical musings, cultural commentary, and reflections on how to weave the mythic and magical aspects of human life back into the everyday human world. I will also share information about courses, workshops, and talks that I will be giving on the topics of ritual practise and mythopoesis.

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Thank you for visiting, and may the magic never leave you.

Byw yn hudol,

Scout Rainer Wiley


Writer & Podcaster for The Oscillator’s Stone

A silly photo of me in the middle of a ritual performance.

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Scout Rainer Wiley

Scout Rainer Wiley is a theory artist and ritual magick practitioner from Brooklyn, NY. Their writing explores the relationship between phenomenology, esoteric spirituality, ontology, culture, and art.