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Episode #010: Radical Aliveness (w/ Esi Wildcat)

"I think the edge...for most people [is] actually participating in life.”

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Once a month, I record a talk with someone whose work I admire, and we discuss various topics as they relate to magick, metamodernism, culture, art, and philosophy. There will also be 3-4 songs relevant to the topic (or not) included in the recording.
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Hi friends! Welcome back to the Oscillator’s Stone. In this episode I’ll be talking about everything under the sun, moon, stars and satellites with Esi Wildcat, a somatic practitioner, spirit worker, bridge builder, and server of sugar and spice. I recently joined her group process container, The Human Slop: Eat Reality edition, which is a non-hierarchical, decolonial space designed to liberate us from cultural scripts and challenge us to feel the truth of who and what we really are.

We discuss our respective pseudonyms; the problem of generalising conversations about privilege; class consciousness; the fear of aliveness; the beauty and horror of being human; experiencing versus analysing complexity; the School of Radical Aliveness and its origins with Core Energetics; the implicit othering of diversity frameworks; aesthetic diversity versus experiential diversity; generative tension versus vapid intensity; living in Kardashianland; what it’s like to be an “oreo” and the emergence of ‘blerd culture;’ internalised narratives of oppression, and how they can hold people back; the Human Slop group practise and having no agenda; letting go of “the plan;” sharing contrapoints with peace and love; processing patterns beyond cultural scripts; cultural beliefs around blackness and whiteness; performative authenticity; confusing struggle for change; the diversity of values within diasporic groups; the Blasian takeover and Vikings Who Love Black Queens; the origins of the word fetish; being a meme huntress; cultural mythologies versus racial monomyths; being a Caribbean mutt; racialised trauma, and so much more.

Esi Wildcat is a Somatic Practitioner and Ceremonialist, an Ordained Priestess of Isis, a Shakta initiate and yogini in the lineage of Sri Vidya, certified holistic health practitioner, and interdisciplinary healing artist with over 20 years of expertise. Esi is passionate about conversations that create change, as a spaceholder for the primal emotions that often have no place in our contemporary world – grief, rage, despair, anger. Esi seeks to highlight the extraordinary in the ordinary – and how the power of presence in our lives can transform not only how we relate to ourselves, but the world around us. Her website can be found here.

For this episode, I asked Esi what kind of music she’s currently excited about, to which she replied, she’s really into the European folk group Dead Can Dance. The featured music can be found here.

Upcoming guests

Greg Dember . Cultural theorist, musician, and co-author of “What Is Metamodern?

Ben Hennessy-Garside. Landlord, Liminalist, father, musician, and blogger

Josh Schrei. Mythosomatic process facilitator and host of The Emerald podcast

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